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Use your ORCID iD (Researchers)

ORCID iD is an internationally generally accepted unique identifier of researchers, and has become mandatory for applying for projects funded by the European Commission, as well as for submitting papers to international publishers.

With the aim of motivating researchers registered in the Register to use ORCID iD as the identifier of the researcher, the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation of the Republic of Serbia, enabled logging into the eScience portal via the ORCID profile (ORCID iD and associated password at https://orcid.org/).

This function is in the testing phase for 25 researchers and will be available to all researchers enrolled in the Registry no later than April 2023.

Signing in for NIO editors

The NIO editor has the authority to change the information about his NIO and to verify publications published by researchers from his/her NIO.

In order to be able to access the eNauka portal, it is necessary to have a registered user account. The NIO editor is appointed by the NIO through the NITRA office. The names of NIO editors are available on the eNauka portal within other information about NIO.

The NIO editor logs into the eNauka portal exclusively using his institutional e-mail address. The NIO editor and researcher on the eNauka portal has different roles. In those NIOs where the NIO editor and the researcher are one person, as a researcher, they will log in via an ORCID profile, and as an editor, they will log in with an email address and password.

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